The Dance

While the jitterbug was the dance of the war years, out of it evolved the Rock'n'Roll style of dance, and it often evokes memories of college kids in 1950s America. Full of energy, it is a very athletic dance, and should have a bopping motion with plenty of swaying movement in the upper body. There are no restrictions on lifts in this dance, with lots of air steps including the man throwing the woman through the air and swinging her around his body, but no stopping dead after an air step - the lady must dance out of the step on landing to keep up the energy of the dance.

Expect to see lots of 1950s inspired outfits, including cinched in waists and short, full skirts, low-heeled shoes and pony tails in the hair for the girls, while the boys likely to be wearing casual clothes, again with a 1950s style.

The best of Strictly

The Rock'n'Roll was introduced into Strictly in series seven, with Ricky & Natalie performing the first ever routine dancing to "Hound Dog". It was full of tricks and air steps, and scored a respectable 31 points from the judges but from one of the strongest dancers of the series, it was slightly underwhelming, however, it had to be performed for a second time in the dance off, and was much improved.

The worst of Strictly

As there have only been two competitive routines on Strictly so far, it is by default that Natalie & Vincent take the prize for the worst Rock'n'Roll. Their dance lacked the air steps and was rather heavy in the footwork, but was still an entertaining dance, yet scored only 26 points from the judges.

Scores for all ROCK’n’Roll performances:

      Judges scores  
Couple Song Date CraigDarceyLenAleshaBruno Total
Ricky & NatalieHound DogWeek 117-88831
Natalie & VincentLong Tall SallyWeek 115-77726

All dances from highest scoring to lowest scoring

Couple Song DateScore
Ricky & NatalieHound DogSeries 7, Week 1131
Natalie & VincentLong Tall SallySeries 7, Week 1126